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Anda, the new company and its subsidiaries over the years adhere to the "integrity, safety, high quality and efficient service purposes, the customer's project construction to actively participate in all parts of the country, gradually accumulation and perfected the large stamping equipment construction work instruction and construction of internal control standards, formed a large-scale precision equipment units, transportation, handling and installation of one-stop operation technology. Successively completed Beijing Benz, yantai, shenyang gm and saic, Volkswagen series, such as installation project and a large number of wuxi buller, zhangjiagang galaxy electronics factory relocation project, get the recognition of the broad masses of customers, and formed a "anda" brand.

The company has had the following qualifications:

ISO9001:2000 quality system certification unit

A member of the Chinese association of installation

Jiangsu kunshan handling handling hoisting association governing units

Level 3, electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering qualifications

Enterprise's goal  
      Create opportunities to do business and development steady  Pragmatic basis plastic brand and stronger enterprise
The spirit of enterprise  
                                                No pressure there is no incentive  Solidarity and sincere cooperation  
                                                Dedication dedication  The pursuit of excellence and innovative spirit
Code of conduct
  First / Letter-based / people-oriented / and for your
  First: dealing with people honest word at the head, a man is not honest, hard conduct.
  Letter-based: letter Societe Generale, reputation first, to win the trust of customers, gain the trust of employees, gain the trust of society.
  People-oriented: respect for human nature, to fully understand the needs of customers and employees, to provide a platform for the development of employees, customers Create a happy space.
  And for you: live in harmony, and gas wealth, the implementation of a harmonious management, create people and the environment.
Style of working
  Qian Cheng / pragmatic / collaboration / innovation / win
  That made products, but also made the elite.
Talent Concept
  Andali cultural adaptation and job requirements of talent is the most valuable human resources andAriel. Full integration of social resources, so that industrial clusters, combined with modern and scientific management, set reasonable Industry Bureau for domestic development to provide more development.
  AndaliFirmly believe that: education is not equal ability, seniority does not equal performance.
  AndaliNo commitment at the highest salary, but to provide you with a broad stage to display their talent.
  Ability to work in show, job development in the creation, improvements in the performance of pay.
  Remuneration and benefits firmly tilted to the outstanding person.
  Andali's philosophy is integrity, security, quality and efficiency--
Service Content: ★Installation process:
◆ professional installation of large punch
◆ large, sophisticated industrial equipment, water and electricity installation
◆ industrial equipment complete production line removal, transportation, installation
◆ public, civil construction projects of equipment, line, pipeline installation
◆ non-standard facilities installation
◆ equipment installation in place supporting civil foundation works
★Lifting handling engineering:
◆ large precision lifting equipment, handling, positioning
Professional lifting
◆ punching, machining centers, presses, injection molding machines, lamination machines, drilling machines, circuit board production lines and other industrial equipment, handling, installation
◆ plant relocation, demolition equipment, transportation, installation works
◆ container handling, long-distance transport
◆ domestic remote factory relocation project services
◆ professional mechanical and electrical equipment for water, electricity, gas installation
★Packaging Services:
◆ various types of vacuum packaging and export services smoked
◆ production of various types of trays, wooden, wooden crates and other wood products
◆ various types of industrial equipment iron, wooden crates production
◆ various types of industrial equipment Packaging Services
◆ wooden tray production
★Equipment Leasing:
◆ US imports of the two sets of 700 tons, two 500 tons, 450 tons of two full hydraulic gantry crane, gantry crane which 450 tons maximum lifting height of 15 meters and has adjusted millimeter precision, can meet the security, stability, high reliability demand for high-precision mounting works, the company also owns the German hydraulic folding arm wireless remote control crane twenty-two (hanging focusing 12T - 75T), in Japan the truck thirty (lifting the 3T - 15T ), the United States produced five sets of air suspension (load 8T - 25T) and all kinds of advanced machinery installation, special tools and equipment handling, mechanical and electrical testing equipment.





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