Arsenal players graded last night’s 3-0 home defeat

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Arsenal players graded last night’s 3-0 home defeat by Brighton: Player Ratings

Arsenal player ratings

Aaron Ramsdale – 6

There were some nice strokes to help the team in the first half, but the three goals conceded were too close to do anything.

Kieran Tierney – 6

roles, mostly defensive Which overall is consider to be doing well on the left side. Because most of Brighton’s balls tend to go up on the starboard side.

Gabriel Magalhaes – 6

There are more strokes to help the ball in the middle of the field many times. But today, the defensive game still lacks understanding with teammates. And have some problems dealing with the speed of the attacking line Brighton

Jakub Givior – 6

A fair amount of hard work in today’s defensive game, especially in the second half. Unlucky to step on and knocked down causing Enciso to stand idle and strike the first goal.

Ben White – 5,

attacked by the attacking line of the visiting team hard There is a clear problem in dealing with both Mitoma and Estupiyan.

Granit Xhaka – 6

Today, although there are some chances to play with the ball, but still creating opportunities for the team is not as good as it should be. After the team conceded a goal. They were substitute according to their tactics.

Jorginho – 7

outstanding roles in the first half. There are many opportunities to intercept the ball in the Brighton area, controlling the midfield game well. Before being replace in the second half

Arsenal player ratings

Martin Odegaard – 6

first half played a linking role up front. But today I don’t have the opportunity to do very good things from the area that is available to play quite a bit. Until being substituted in the last 15 minutes

Gabriel Martinelli – N/A Only

played a few games and had an injury problem that led him to be substituted in the 20th minute.

Gabriel Jesus – 5,

connecting the game up front But today it is so attached that there is almost no space to play. And there is almost no chance of finishing in this game

Bukayo Saka – 6

There are some chances to drag in this game. One-on-one strokes are good. But the finishing touch is still too lacking, but retreats to help the starboard defensive game that has been hit hard many times