How to eat vegetarian without lacking nutrients and not getting fat?

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I believe that many people who eat vegetarian food hope not only to make merit. But also to have good health and take the opportunity to lose weight at the same time. Because they think that eating only vegetables means they must be thin. 

  1. Choose to eat food from all 5 food groups. Don’t miss any one group in one day. Protein sources that can replace meat. Include legumes, tofu, soybean milk, soy milk, and agricultural protein.
  2. Choose to eat brown rice and colored rice more than white rice or polished rice. Because it has more nutrients and vitamins ทางเข้า ufabet
  3. Food that imitates meat should be eaten as little as possible. Because most of those foods are made from flour. Therefore, the body may lack protein. and got too much dough
  4. Choose to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. More than pickles Because fermented foods have a high sodium content, they make you bloated and are not good for your health.
  5. Eat less stir-fried and fried food. Let’s eat more types of food. Grilled-steamed-boiled It will cause you to get less fat.

Guarantee that if you can do this Problems of obesity, weight gain, or malnutrition will definitely not occur to your body. Make merit in other people’s lives You also have to make merit with your own body by taking care of it as best you can. Your body will be strong and stay with you for a long time vegetarian.