Researchers point out that these “fats” do not make you fat.

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Many people probably already know that fats and carbohydrates (starch) are nutrients that are important causes of weight gain. or become obese if eaten improperly. But new research from scientists in Spain suggests that not all fats make us fat. and does not have any serious effects on the body

The research began with a sample of men and approximately 7,447 middle-aged women. Most of whom were overweight, obese, had type 2 diabetes , or were likely to have heart disease.

One group began eating a Mediterranean style diet. Emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein like fish and add olive oil and nuts. Spend up to 5 years eating such foods without counting the number of calories eaten. Another group was given a low-fat diet. And the number of calories eaten each day was not counted either ทางเข้า ufabet

Group eating a Mediterranean style diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and more fish and eat meat and fewer dairy products than those in the low-fat diet group. But the results showed that the Mediterranean diet group weighed slightly more on average than the low-fats diet group.

Therefore, from the results of this experiment, it can be proved that. Most people misunderstand that meat is. And dairy products are an important cause of obesity. But in fact, nutrients make you fat more easily. Carbohydrates are starches and sugars. Another study found that only 3.6% of those who died from heart disease were caused by saturated fat. that we find in meat and dairy products, and more than 10% of people who die from heart disease. It has to do with eating vegetable oils that can be found in the Mediterranean diet.