Bruno reveal the Red Devils must be better.

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Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United midfielder, delighted with victory But I know that the team must do better than what happened.

The Red Devils beat Sheffield United 4-2 at home in the Premier League on Wednesday night. The Red Devils have now accumulated 53 points from 33 matches, ranking 6th. 

“We talk about not conceding goals all the time ยูฟ่าเบท. And we want to do it, watch Sheffield United,” the captain, who scored two goals alone, said after the match.

“In the end we came back. We put ourselves in a position where it was very difficult to win. But it shows the identity of the team. We have to be careful about playing in the first half with that type of possession. We’ve to score from the opportunities that arise.

“We scored a lot of goals. It’s a matter of tightness that we have to do together as a team. I’m happy I scored. But I want to win more than scoring goals. Scoring goals is part of my duty. But the main goal is to win.

“Lately we were unable to win the games we were supposed to. It’s part of the job. You can win 8 or 9 games in a row and then immediately face criticism when you lose. Being a Manchester United player comes with the need to constantly win the competition.”