Rules for playing slots.

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Slots are one of those games with many rules depending on the type of slots we choose to play. Therefore, before playing, we should study and check the rules of play in each game first. However, the variations are fairly similar. If there is a little basic. It will not be difficult to understand.

Check the paytable.

the first method, when entering the game, let the player press open to the paytable. And will see the symbol i or Help to calculate the risk value. If the multiplier is small, x3 x4 x5 is not large, it means low risk, multiplying x10 x20 x30, it is medium risk. But seeing that there is a maximum multiplication x50 x100 like this is high risk. (Paying a lot, the chance to win the prize is difficult as well) If the funds in the pocket are not high. It is recommended to choose a low to medium risk, it is better. Suitable for people with a lot of money, like a lot of risk, low multiplier, low risk. Suitable for low-income people

Check Payline Paylines.

The important thing that we want all gamblers. Understand it first, that is. Viewing the number of paylines that will determine the outcome of each round. Each online slot game has a different number of paylines. Players do not have to choose to play every line. because the more you choose the payline The amount of bets that will be used to play each turn will also be large. But, of course, in exchange for a greater chance of winning as well. An example of playing a slot game in the picture has a total of 40 paylines, the player may choose to play only 20 paylines. But if the symbols that come out Sort by payline that you have not selected. You won’t get a reward for that bet. games by UFABET 

Therefore, in playing slots games, most gamblers Jing prefers to play all paylines first, even if it requires a lot of money. But the chances of winning the bet are higher than enough and there may be a chance to win a big prize. Or more jackpot prizes as well. The advantage of many payline lines is that it can increase various types of financial opportunities. Instead of having to wait for the symbol to stop over the payline in a single straight line from left to right.

Meaning of the menus Used to play online.

slots, 3-reel slots are slots with 3 reels and 3 rows
. 5-reel slots are slots that are played with 5 reels per 3 or 4 rows
. Line Bet is to show the credit used to bet on 1. Lines can be increased or decreased.
Lines is to show the number of lines. with the minimum at 1 line, the maximum line of play, depending on each game, ranging from 10,30 or even 60, there is a choice of
Total Bet, which is to show the total amount of credit bet by multiplying Line Bet with the number of Lines = Total bet

Spin is a button for spinning or spinning online slots for use in playing slots.
Win is to show the total amount you can play in each round.
Balance is to show the total amount that can be bet.
Auto Spin is a button to spin the slot automatically. Which can choose the number of times
Paytable is a menu button to tell the rules, the payout rate of that game
Bet Max is the highest blood online slot spin