Arsenal 0-3 Brighton: Issues after the Premier League game,

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Arsenal 0-3 Brighton: Issues after the Premier League game, the artillery form pushes the championship to the blue sailboats.

Arsenal let their meager chances of winning the Premier League almost immediately go to waste. when defeated Brighton are out of shape 3-0, with the title race likely to be over if Manchester City win just one more game this season.

Hope 0.0001 % it’s over for Arsenal.

Arsenal’s defeat in this game is their fifth defeat in the Premier League this season and means if Manchester City win their next game against Chelsea they will be crowned Premier League champions. Go to win immediately without having to expect the effect of the cannon at all

Fierce Midfield War – Dangerous Wings of Both Teams

This game saw both teams struggle for space in the midfield. with both fierce. And mistakes happen alternately on both teams. Arsenal may look a little better. But when they miss, Brighton is ready to break through with a chance to win.

Today’s ball from both teams goes up on both sides of the line. Having said that, both Saka-Trotsar (who played instead of Martinelli From the beginning of the first half) with Mitoma and Enciso is the terror of the defense of both teams. because they create quite good chances In this game, two wings are one of the key elements of the game.

And finally, the away winger was key to Brighton’s opening goal that changed the game, while Bukayo Saka was heavily criticized for his declining form.

Playing a game set in front of the penalty area

The plan for playing a set ball in front of the house starts with the goalkeeper. It’s normal for the Premier League, many clubs play like this. As well as playing pressing from the top is also one of the opposition’s counter-tactics. Both teams did a similar thing today, but Brighton and their backup goalkeeper Jason Steele seem to have a lot of problems with setting the ball like this with their friends. The only fortunate thing is Miss and not broken. While Arsenal almost one mistake by Aaron Ramsdale that Leandro Trotsar together made a mistake. It’s a crucial goal that could affect the entire season.

Arsenal’s surrender

defeat in this game. He was heavily criticized for his performance in the second half at Arsenal. After conceding the first goal of the game. They could never come back to the game they wanted. and reinforced by both personal mistakes And giving up on losing the second and third goal in this game That made them lose out on one of the most games this season.